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38Fule Corporation 

38Fule Corporation located in Richmond, BC, Canada  is the North American headquater of 38Fule Group. Currently, our 6 products have obtained NPN numbers and site licenses from Health Canada. 

Our marketing models are online sales, membership recruitment, and distributor development. We are excited to introduce our company’s best traditional Chinese medicine health care products, made through our unique technology, to North American customers.

Meanwhile, staying true to our mission of making women and men, more healthy, and beautiful, we want to give back to the community. We seek to do this through our Butterfly Project, which is a series of public welfare activities. These activities will: deliver more free reproductive health education, provide more volunteer and business opportunities to the community, and influence more people to contribute to this meaningful project so that it can eventually benefit more families, and our society.

38FULE Group 

38FULE Group  was founded on March 8, 1992 and is locted in Xian, China.In the past 29 years, it has developed into a large-scale international enterprise group and become the leading brand in China's women's health industry.

Five bases:

Yangling 38FULE Health Products Manufacturing Base

38FULE Times Square Headquarters Base

Chunhua  Medicinal Planting Base

Xi'an Jiaotong University 38FULE Group Biomedical Joint Research Institute

USA and Canada Healthy products R&D Base

Research and Development

R&D continues to develop based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine health care series of healthy food, beauty skin care, body-shaping products. The products are exported to 15 countries and regions including the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany and South Africa, etc. Millions of women around the world have become beneficiaries, grateful people, and sharers.

3+ Strategy

Massive health, big data, Grand public welfare  

Based on the field of reproductive health, research and develop products covering women's life cycle

Establish a big data health platform for health monitoring and evaluation

Explore and export new modes of public welfare to achieve a win-win situation between corporate value and social value.

The Reproductive Health Service Project, the Butterfly Project sponsored by 38FULE, aims to "promote scientific knowledge, advocate healthy living, pay attention to women's health and promote family happiness", and organize more than 60,000 women's healthy life training, benefiting more than 30 million women.

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